About Us

“Concentrate on what you have to do. Fix your eyes on it… Then do it, without hesitation, and speak the truth as you see it. But with kindness. With humility. Without hypocrisy.”

Marcus Aurelius
Openeye is the distillation of exceptional experience and focus: strategy, operations, negotiation and psychology brought together in the world of business to solve some of its most complex problems. We would say that what we do is highly original and we’ve been privileged in being hired again and again by CEOs and granted access to some of the most remarkable boardrooms.

We think along different lines which allows us to see the solution that others sometimes struggle to find. And we do so with considerable, and rare, agility.

We are used to the scenario of clients quite rightly holding onto a problem so that they can grow, shape it and solve it themselves. We see how situations evolve, distort, and embed in ways in which one can only see when one looks back. And we’re used to coming in when people are worried, tired, deeply irritated, and perhaps too humbled by the difficulties in front of them to ask for help. This is genuinely where we are at our best.


We often inject the distinctive Openeye view through collaborations. We love the meeting of expertise and ideas to create something that is honestly an intelligent design that reasonates with people. It shows what is beyond what we each could have done alone and beyond the norm.

For example, the world’s biggest architects HOK wanted to collaborate with non-designers to deliver the new headquarters workspace of Guardian News and Media in Kings Cross – Kings Place. First we helped HOK win the work (we know how to win bids). Then, with a fresh new perspective unfettered by the traditions of workplace design, we created the overarching vision and design brief, later handed to interiors firm TP Bennett to implement.

We are known for our agility and versatility of thinking and have a huge appetite for collaboration. We will come at it from an angle you might not expect, convention will be challenged but it will make sense in the way that you value.

And it is valued. We have been so grateful to have our work recognised through accolades and national awards. We love being the best and our appetite to do so is huge.  Ask yourself, if there’s room for an Openeye view, applying the power of polymathic thinking to the reinvention of your products, places and services.


Narratives about what is going on in our world go back and forth in front of us every day. They are self-feeding through cycles of media interviews, debates and commentary. Openeye watches carefully and listens to this. But we also pause, and ask what’s really going on?

To answer this, we carry out academic and market research into the hottest topics that face us in business and society.

For example, we’ve examined through our research the finer points of boardroom behaviour and decision-making in unprecedented ways. We stepped behind the accepted manifestations of offence and outrage and analysed the thoughts and reactions of 360 women to one of the most complained about and vandalised advertising campaigns in UK history.

This is research done the Openeye way. Determined. Brave. Essential.